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Onshore Services

Structural Analysis/Design
Support structure and equipment tower arrangement, framing development, analysis and design analysis to code requirements for extreme wind loads, earthquake accelerations, equipment temperature induced movements and stresses, crane loads, moving loads, ect.

Engineering, analysis, design, and drafting provided for:
  • Equipment support towers
  • Multilevel equipment modules
  • Derrick support frames for flare and vent stacks
  • Cooler and heat exchanger mezzanines
  • Derrick support frames for vertical fiberglass vessels
  • Pipe racks, pipe, electrical, duct and HVAC supports
  • Crane support structures
  • Equipment skids
  • Equipment foundations
  • Pressure Vessel Design
  • HRSG Structural Design
  • Vent Stack Design

Piping Flexibility Analysis
Tri-flex piping flexibility analysis, rotating equipment and pressure vessel nozzle checks, equipment and facilities support design.

Foundation Analysis/Design
Equipment loading development, foundation arrangement, reinforcing steel geometry, loading analysis per code requirements for equipment, steel support tower, rotating equipment blowers and compressors, horizontal and vertical pressure vessel, heat exchanger, and pipe support foundations. Equipment foundations include piling, drilled pier, spread footing, mat, and pier supported mats.

Onshore Services
Offshore Services
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