MDT, INC. Offshore Services
Offshore Services

Structural design and analysis of offshore structures including jackets, piling, topsides, integrated and semi-integrated decks, equipment modules, helidecks, buildings, bridges, flare booms, boat landings, and other platform appurtenances. Piping flexibility analysis, rotating equipment, foundations, pressure vessel design, equipment and facilities support design.

Engineering, analysis, design, and drafting provided for:
  • Wind, wave, earthquake, temperature and impact loading
  • Piling design soil/structure coupled interaction
  • Structure loadout analysis
  • Transportation analysis
  • Installation lift analysis
  • Rotating equipment foundation analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Piping flexibility analysis
  • Pressure vessel design

Deck extensions, pipeline riser additions, helideck additions, equipment changes, gas compression additions, process modules, drilling rig changes, launcher/receiver additions, etc.

Design Reviews/Audits
Structural and facility layouts reviewed with regard to future usage, possibilities for process changes and area increases, substructure impacts, equipment and structural maintenance.

Structural Studies
Platform jacket and deck layout for field development, central complex arrangement, preliminary and final structural sizing, cost development from design to installation, module geometry, maximum installation lift weight envelope, etc.

Structural Documentation
Structural analysis and design documentation developed for third party and certification authority review.

Engineering Quality Audits
Review of structural design vs contract requirements. Structural reviews considering maintenance, possibilities for future additions, equipment additions and removals.

Onshore Services
Offshore Services
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